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5701 6th Ave S, Suite 207
Seattle, WA 98108
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About Us

We at Craftex Wall believe that we have to deliver products that have lasting value for buildings. We use premium materials with good design. Lasting products will truly become lasting when they do not harm the environment we live in. At Craftex, we believe we have a responsibility to continuously lower our environmental footprint. That’s why we dedicate a chunk of our revenue funding research to do just that.

All of our products are installed by real people, which is why we always honor craftsmanship. Understanding how our products work and the artisan process that is part of them is an important part of what our company is all about.

Ultimately, the company’s success is measured by customer happiness, it is what justifies our existence.

Because a company is nothing short of a group of people working together on a common goal, we hire people that want to work hard and play hard. Uniting passion with fun.

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Craftex Wall


Craftex Wall

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