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For over three decades, Craig Bergmann Landscape Design has won critical acclaim for intertwining design, horticulture and architecture in a way that is unique to Northern Illinois. The firm is known for its award-winning attention to detail, establishing a true dialogue between the living garden and the architectural site.

Today, CBLD is headquartered in the historic David Adler-designed A. Watson Armour Estate in Lake Forest, and also operates a 25-acre nursery located in Wadsworth, Illinois. Horticultural design services have extended to select design projects around the country, recently including an Ohio estate, Tucson AZ cactus garden, and multiple tropical gardens in Vero Beach, FL.

Personal Touch
Craig Bergmann’s creative voice and artistry is experienced in every design project and installation, from container arrangement ideas to country estate planning. This artistry is supported by impeccable garden design, installation, and maintenance teams. His palette of colors and textures are carried out by the company’s own specialty plant nursery. CBLD strives to provide a personal connection between the professional staff and the client by creating a dynamic collaborative relationship that thrives over years.

When embarking on a landscape-crafting project, Craig and his team take ownership in the process from design concepts to full garden maturity. The team of Landscape Architects specializes in transforming a client’s vision into a refined design that’s truly one of a kind. Then the firm’s experienced plants-people and installers take over, making sure that no sapling or planter is out of place. From there, the talented members of the Garden Care team grow with the landscape, enhancing every feature as it matures over time.

Expanding Horizons
Craig and his team have entered a new era as they are now offering a curated collection of fine plants and decorative accessories that were originally reserved for CBLD clients. By sharing their refined aesthetic eye with a broader base, the CBLD experience is being made more readily available at the retail level while still providing unique products of the highest quality.

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Craig Bergmann Landscape Design, Inc.


Craig Bergmann Landscape Design, Inc.

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