David Hopkins Design

<p>David Hopkins Design is an award-winning team that specializes in luxury homes. We create dream homes from start to finish &mdash; from architectural design to landscape and furniture design.</p> <p>We reimagine what&rsquo;s possible, not afraid to take clients out of their comfort zone while we push the spectrum of architectural aesthetics. Every home we design is sophisticated yet clean and effortless. Our homes have been called iconic &mdash; spaces that combine materials and design in new, unexpected and authentic ways.</p> <p>The David Hopkins Design team understands that a true home is about living fully. We are inspired by art, nature and our clients&rsquo; global perspectives. At the same time, we firmly believe in sustainable buildings that withstand the test of time.</p> <p>Founder and principal David Hopkins brings more than 25 years of experience building and designing artful homes. With an innate ability to innovate and to see the possibilities beyond walls, he designs homes that are the result of an introspective journey on which he takes his clients. This journey &mdash; defined by their personal experiences, travels and brimming lives &mdash; not only explores their needs and wants but also challenges their assumptions. Hopkins loves to push the envelope and drives his clients to do the same. It&rsquo;s this unique experience and synergy that brings clients back &mdash; as well as their friends.&nbsp;</p> Architects, Home Builders, Interior/Residential Designers, Washington,