Dawson Design Group

<p>Dawson Design Group provides a full range of design services including conceptual design, space planning, interior finishes and custom furnishings. The majority of our projects are new construction or large scale renovations for modern home environments. Whether it&#39;s interpreting a mid-century modern, reinvigorating a Spanish colonial or creating a luxury contemporary from the ground up, we&rsquo;re all about clean lines, livable spaces, unexpected details and a minimum of froufrou.<br /> <br /> If you are considering a new home or renovation, consider Dawson Design Group as part of your team. Our job is to not only help you define a vision for your home, but also make the experience easier and much more rewarding. Dawson Design Group likes working with architects, builders and contractors, and we would be happy to provide references of people who like working with us too.<br /> <br /> Awards &amp; Publications:<br /> <br /> San Diego Home/Garden &ndash; Feature April 2013<br /> San Diego Home/Garden &ndash; Bath of the Year March 2013<br /> San Diego Home/Garden &ndash; Feature July 2012<br /> San Diego Home/Garden &ndash; Feature November 2011<br /> San Diego Home/Garden &ndash; Feature Home May 2011<br /> San Diego Home/Garden &ndash; Feature August 2010<br /> San Diego Home/Garden &ndash; Historic Renovation Home of the Year, Editor&#39;s Choice 2010<br /> San Diego Magazine &ndash; Feature October 2009<br /> Custom Home Magazine &ndash; Green Design Feature April 2009<br /> Austin Home Monthly &ndash; Green Design Feature July 2008</p> California, Interior/Residential Designers,