Day One Lighting, LLC

<p>Day One Lighting is an architectural lighting design, specification, and custom integration company specializing in LED technology. With extensive experience in high end custom architectural design, lighting design, automation and systems integration, Owner operator Stephen Gerhat has positioned Day One Lighting as a leader in the LED industry.</p> <p>LED lighting offers many excellent advantages over conventional lighting in energy consumption, efficiency and reliability. LED lighting also offers new forms of lighting that allow architects, engineers, designers, and artists to be creative with lighting in ways that just a few short years ago, were not possible. As a custom LED design and integration company, Day One Lighting is able to offer strong design and detailing support and product solutions for a wide variety of projects.</p> <p>Day One Lighting offers extreme versitily in design styles with projects in the high end residential, commercial, marine and hospitality industries, as well as, production and worship spaces. Working with a long list of manufactuers, suppliers and custom fabricators, Day One Lighting is able to offer practical and viable solutions for nearly any type of illumination project.</p> Architectural Lighting, Florida, Lighting, Lighting, Lighting Design,