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ETC was founded in 1988 as a company that provided the latest in technology and lifestyle choices.

The company’s goal is to “WOW” and “AMAZE” by integrating and automating their customers’ technology with access to the newest services, products and options with an unparalleled level of service.

The company has catered to the luxury residential market and has expanded into supporting Commercial projects as well. In that time, ETC has grown from a one employee start-up to the largest single location, nationally recognized, award winning enterprise with over 2,500 satisfied customers and continuing to grow.

Through the years ETC has developed a reputation for being an innovator in not only design and implementation but also in setting industry standards for the best in class process and procedures. Many of ETC former employees have gone on to set up successful business of their own and established a worldwide network of like-minded entrepreneurs helping consumers with their home-automation needs.

The future of the company is bright as ETC looks at adding new products and services to its already large offering that will better support the needs of its current customers and the next generation of technology around the corner.

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