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4742 42nd Ave., SW. #403
Seattle, WA 98116
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Hidalgo+Meyer is a high end custom fabrication studio steeped as deeply in the fine arts as it is in the design and building trades. Specializing in one of a kind artisan works, we create high end custom furniture and architectural elements of all kinds. We are a company that can take your napkin sketch, your precious vision, and bring it into the real. Our shop has been in business making works for Interior Designers, Architects and Contractors in the Seattle area for over twenty years. Concentrating on multi-material construction for residential or commercial settings, we work in all types of metal, as well as wood, glass, clay and concrete. With long experience, acute attention to detail and our fine arts background, we have become an invaluable and uniquely satisfactory choice for clients, combining creative vision with a complete understanding of project management. Hidalgo+Meyer Fabrication is one of the three legs of C.F. Meyer Studios. The overall vision at C.F. Meyer is to bring the fine arts, crafts and interior design under one roof, cemented strongly together with the belief that the best and highest of all creativity is formed in that place between total direction, and total freedom. In these last six years I have forged into one business the skills and talents which I have used over all of the different areas in both the fine art and the interiors world. With the re-envisioning of C.F. Meyer studios, I offer clients my fine art, my furniture designs, and a custom fabrication shop that builds whatever they can imagine. The honing of my artistic sensibilities came from a life dedicated to the creation of beauty, and to the interpretation of the human experience. The perfecting of my materials skills came from a life in the building and fabrication trades. With an interiors architect for a father, and an art and architectural historian for a mother, I was literally born into the fields in which my business engages.

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Hidalgo + Meyer Fabrication


Hidalgo + Meyer Fabrication

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