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Coral Gables, FL 33134
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Ivette Arango Interiors is a licensed Interior Design firm with over 40 years of experience specializing in residential and commercial spaces.  Ivette Arango Interiors has earned the trust of the firm’s global clientele and is widely respected within the industry.  Ivette Arango Interiors also has become one of South Florida’s most recognized interior designers in the luxury markets and the designs have been featured in several top interior design and fashion publications and other media publications.

Ivette Arango Interiors understands how to create a space that is beautiful as well as practical and livable.  We also know how to work within a project design team and understand technical and architectural detail and specifications in order to bring together the proper scale, textures, colors, furniture and objects in a space.  As a trained Interior Design firm,  we anticipate difficulties and know how to mitigate unforeseen complications with vendors, contractors and subcontractors and to pay attention to a client’s budget.  Ivette Arango Interiors knows how to think creatively, execute a residential or commercial project efficiently and bring ideas into reality.

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Ivette Arango Interiors


Ivette Arango Interiors

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