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Karcher started out as a somewhat small family owned and run business selling door hardware. To survive as a new player in an existing market, you need to have something different – something innovative which sets your products apart. This innovation, the thing which launched the company, came in the form of the 3-piece rose – a new type of fixing technology for door lever handles. Traditionally, at least in Germany, lever handles were pre-mounted onto a 2-piece rose consisting of a metal or plastic mounting plate and a clip-on, decorative cover ring which usually covers up the fixing screws. Visible screws are a big no-no in the European market. The Karcher Design product variety is characterized by various influences and contemporary trends. For example, the Mission Invisible series focuses on minimalism – both in the design of the handles themselves and in the assembly technique. In collaboration with the renowned designer Itamar Harari, two new handles were developed for this purpose. Karcher Design handles are also based on various projects, as they are developed exclusively for these in collaboration with the architects. For example, the models Tower and Kent were designed exclusively for One Tower Bridge in London. We are currently working on developing a product range that will allow customers to implement their own individual wishes and design-oriented requirements for the handle. In general, we want to expand our product range more and more, focusing on the wishes of our customers and trends in the market.

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Karcher Design


Karcher Design

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