Imparfait Design Studio

Imparfait Design Studio
14943 Lakeside Road
Lakeside, MI 49116
(773) 435-8126

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About Us

Imparfait is a residential interior architecture, renovation and interior design firm that embraces the culture of hospitality, creating welcoming environments where people want to stay and linger, surrounded by exquisite details and vintage touches that add patina and warmth. We design elegant and comfortable homes integrating patinaed finishes, vintage furnishings, patterned motifs and more to create new stories for each home and the people who live there. The Imparfait team has 20 years of experience, so we know who we can trust as partners for your project, from architects to contractors and more. We can manage the project from inception to completion, acting as a client advocate with all project partners. Clients also seek our counsel when considering a new home. We can advise them pre-purchase on what is possible within the property’s framework, whether it be an existing home or a new build. Imparfait has completed projects across the country, including Michigan, Colorado, California and Florida.


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Imparfait Design Studio


Imparfait Design Studio

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