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OUR HOMES have always been our sanctuaries, now more than ever they are being asked to serve multiple roles. At KitchenLab Interiors, good design isn’t just about how beautiful a room looks, it’s about how a space feels. We want our clients to feel like they have “the best seat in the house” in their own home. We strive to create spaces that make people feel welcome, spaces that people don’t want to leave. Our homes are where we break bread, drink wine, play music, where we plan and dream, where memories are made and stories are told, and now we are being asked to reimagine our homes like never before.

OUR EXPERTISE encompasses all aspects of residential construction and design. Our projects range from large scale renovations to turn-key second homes. KitchenLab Interiors functions like a design-build firm with the “build” being done by highly vetted independent general contractors that we bring to the table. We collaborate with local architects, contractors, and tradespeople, and have a network of vendors across the country for materials and furnishings. Typically, we are the first in and the last out on every project.

OUR APPROACH has been refined by years of working on older home renovations. We listen to our clients and to the home itself, picking up on details, proportions and other cues that make our renovations look and feel seamless while at the same time creating interiors that are elegant, comfortable, and timeless. We view initial space planning as critical to a successful design, and we love being the first ones on the job! We are obsessed with creating layered spaces that feel like they developed over long periods of time –frequently sourcing vintage furniture, rugs, and lighting to add patina and a sense of history to our client’s newly renovated interiors. We assist clients in selecting everything from windows and doors, to millwork and flooring, tile, plumbing fixtures, wallpaper, furnishings, artwork and accessories.

OUR TEAM brings passion and enthusiasm to every project, working to achieve the best combination of function and stylish living. Our combined backgrounds in fine art, interior design, hospitality, and real estate are the dynamic that we bring to our client’s projects. The company’s founders, Rebekah and Nick, met working in the restaurant business, while Nick was rehabbing a Wicker Park 3 flat and Rebekah was finishing art school. Over the course of 20 years, we may have refined our processes, but always held that hospitality is the core principle of everything we do at KitchenLab Interiors.

OUR PROJECTS in Chicago, Miami, Denver, Michigan, and California have been featured in Luxe Interiors + Design and multiple publications.

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