<p>There is no other store in the world like Klaff&rsquo;s.<br /> They are made up of five distinct, walk-through, art gallery-like showrooms: lighting, kitchens, bath, decorative hardware, tile and stone. All under one roof. Offering the finest home design products from around the world.<br /> <br /> Klaff&#39;s prolific 90-Year history has led them to become the region&#39;s ultimate resource for home design ideas, guidance and selection. At Klaff&rsquo;s, you&#39;ll find the most diverse, exquisitely exhibited products along with people who are true experts in their respective fields.<br /> <br /> If you would like to move products from showroom to showroom to see how they look together&hellip; the beauty of Klaff&rsquo;s is, you can. They also have working kitchens, showers, spas, lighting labs&hellip;everything to give you true, hands-on experiences.<br /> <br /> Products from all of Klaff&rsquo;s five showrooms are brilliantly integrated to create complete vignettes. Throughout the stores, you&rsquo;ll discover magnificent displays, harmoniously showcasing exquisite real-life style scenarios.</p> Connecticut, Decorative Plumbing, Door & Cabinet Hardware, Kitchen & Bath Designers, Lighting, New York, Tile, Stone and Countertops,