Mayer Designs, Inc.

Mayer Designs, Inc.
PO Box 80546
Seattle, WA 98108
1(206) 550-2008

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Mayer Designs, Inc. (MDI), a custom metal design-and-build fabricator based in Seattle, was founded in 2007 by husband-and-wife team Nicholas and Jessica Mayer. Creating artistic, architectural statements and luxury furnishings for commercial and residential environments, they offer complete solutions and expert guidance ensuring all their creations will be seamlessly integrated into a finished space. Distinguishing themselves, it is their unique luxury metal patina finishes (metal cerusing), which they are known for in the custom fabrication community. In addition to metal, the team expertly integrates fine woodwork, glass, textile, stone, and resin into their work. Offering complete custom solutions made locally, MDI brings industrial artistry to projects naturally, sustainably, and with renewable materials. MDI is where creativity is given exquisite form, function, and beauty.

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Mayer Designs, Inc.


Mayer Designs, Inc.

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