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Metal Solutions LLC
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Metal Solutions is a studio of artists, designers and craftsmen, founded in Seattle by Steve Northey in 1994.  Metal Solutions creates high-end furniture, architectural elements and sculpture with an emphasis on the aesthetic and how it relates to its architectural environment.   Connections, finishes, textures and colors all play an important part in the success of a project. Although metal is their primary medium, they also use wood, glass and stone in their designs. Metal Solutions collaborates with architects, design professionals, other artisans and individual clients who are looking for a unique approach to metalwork. 

“Metal Solutions has fabricated an array of well-crafted architectural metal products for our projects at the highest level of delivery that can be obtained, and they’re really fun to work with to boot!”   – Ben Trogdon – Ben Trogdon Architects

Metal Solutions over the years has provided detailed and beautifully crafted metal work for various projects. They are great craftsmen and artists. They bring a wealth of knowledge to decorative metal work.”  – Jeff Luth – Soldano Luth Architects

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Metal Solutions LLC


Metal Solutions LLC

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