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Paul Montgomery has dedicated his life to the arts, earning a reputation as a world-class muralist. Known for his versatility and creativity across various mediums, styles, and genres, Paul’s journey began with replicating masterpieces from the old European schools. His artistic direction shifted when, as a young man, he encountered a captivating display of Asian screens at the Freer Gallery in Washington, DC. This experience ignited his enduring passion for Chinoiserie, shaping his future work.

This fascination with Chinoiserie wallpapers inspired Paul to create stunning interiors for both residential and international hotel projects. To achieve this, he collaborated with top-tier craftspeople to produce handpainted silk wall coverings. These intricate panels, joined to form striking murals, are created using time-honored Chinese techniques, ensuring authenticity and beauty. Today, these wallpapers grace numerous homes and public spaces worldwide, admired for their elegance and timeless appeal.

Paul’s company continues to innovate, offering an exclusive and evergrowing collection of designs, themes, and colors. Whether in Chinoiserie or classical scenic styles, each mural captures exotic locales with exquisite detail. Designed by talented artists in Virginia, these murals can be customized or selected from standard designs, and are meticulously produced by skilled staff artists. The Panoramic Collections, hand-painted in the spirit of 18th-century French woodblock prints, transport viewers to places of natural beauty, heritage, and culture.

Specializing in custom mural design, Paul Montgomery caters to projects ranging from intimate powder rooms to grand hospitality interiors. Paul collaborates closely with clients throughout the mural design process, from initial concept and research to sample development, design drafting, and final production. With over 50 years of experience creating fine art murals and wallpapers for luxurious interiors, Paul has established himself as the foremost source for high-quality custom murals.

Embracing modern technology, Paul has expanded his offerings through The Mural Source, making his hand-painted murals available as print reproductions. Utilizing advanced scanning and computer editing techniques, along with the latest in large-format printing technology, these murals are produced with exceptional image quality on modern, easy-to install substrates. These prints meet all standard codes, making them suitable for any home or commercial project.

Murals have a unique ability to transform interior spaces, a tradition that dates back to ancient wall paintings. Paul Montgomery continues this tradition, blending art and design to create environments of extraordinary beauty. Experience the transformative power of murals with Paul Montgomery, where each piece tells a story and enhances the spaces we live in.

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