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Pooky is all about bringing the magic of stunning, decorative lighting to your home – lights that look like they belong in a high-end boutique but won’t break the bank.

But hey, there’s more to us than just that! We’re talking free delivery* and hassle-free returns, an almost fanatical quest for those golden 5-star raings from our customers, an absolute obsession with all things illuminated, and the fact that our lighting creations are adored by top designers worldwide.

Behind the scenes, we’re a close-knit crew of passionate individuals who absolutely adore what we do. We tackle our tasks with a grin and a hearty dose of humor (well, most of the time!). We’re head over heels for gorgeous lighting, and we’re bursting with pride to be part of the Pooky family. Our mission? To share stunning, budget-friendly lighting with as many folks as we possibly can.

Now, as a company, we understand that we’ve got a duty to do things responsibly, ethically, and with an eco-friendly twist. We’re all about crafting products that stand the test of time – built to last and free from fleeting trends. And since we’re an online shopping hub, we know you judge us by the packaging we wrap our goodies in. We walk that tightrope between minimizing waste and making sure your purchases arrive in one piece, all while keeping an eye on Mother Earth.

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Pooky Lighting


Pooky Lighting

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