<p>Realstone has three offices. (USA &ndash; Sales and Marketing, Israel &ndash; Home Office and China &ndash; Sourcing &amp; Quality Control.) We specialize in classical, dimensional, exterior work, however, we aren&rsquo;t limited to only this. We can produce any type of style and our approach to projects is through dedication and hard-work. We like to have our clients involved, as it&#39;s a very interactive process. Communication is very important, which is why our style is very personal, detailed and comfortable. It&rsquo;s all about going the extra mile. Our bidding process is very detailed, accurate and our prices are very aggressive. Also, our clients get a personal touch, as if it was our own house being built. At Realstone, we strive to create the most detailed, custom work that we can produce.</p> California, Tile, Stone and Countertops,