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Sausalito, CA 94965
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Artist Statement: My inspiration comes from the beauty of the atmosphere — of the sky and how it’s connected with the earth. Every time I look at what nature is presenting in front of me, the clouds, seductive with the constant movement of the atmosphere, I am reminded that life is constantly shifting and never stagnant. I work in acrylic and graphite, using many layers of glazes to achieve the luminosity of the atmospheric quality in my work. I also work wet on wet and use drips to create texture and atmosphere, which alludes to what’s beneath the surface. Layers and layers of paint are applied on the canvas before I even know how the image will present itself in its final form. My paintings ask viewers to enter a world of possibility, mystery, magic, and atmosphere, transporting them through color, light, and texture.

Bio: Rebecca grew up in a family of artists and cooks. From an early age, she was as comfortable with a paintbrush as a spatula. Receiving her first watercolors at age five, she was captivated by the brilliant vegetables her mother and grandmother transformed into delicious, comforting soups. Today, Rebecca expresses her love for art and cooking as a San Francisco Bay Area painter, chef, and author of seven award-winning cookbooks. She finds making art and creative cooking are opportunities to be fully present in life and pay attention to color, texture, and composition. To be inspired by nature. To be so absorbed in tasks that time expands. Rebecca experiences working in her studio in Sausalito, CA, as an immersion into a vibrant, reverent, tactile, visual world.

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Rebecca Katz Art


Rebecca Katz Art

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