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The Signature of Excellence
When James W. Riordan arrived in the United States in 1948, from Limerick, Ireland, he dreamed of a business that reflected his commitment to hard work, high standards, and outstanding service. His dream became a reality in 1971 when he established the family business, Riordan Builders.

Riordan Signature Homes, established in 1989

Jay and Dan Riordan continue their father’s dream through Riordan Signature Homes.

Like their father, they understand and appreciate the importance of quality workmanship, meticulous detail, and responsive service—merits they apply to every project they manage and every custom home they build in Chicagoland.

Their proud tradition of old-world craftsmanship—coupled with new-world innovation—makes Riordan Signature Homes distinctive. Dedication to excellence drives them to create unique, beautiful homes.

The Riordan brothers live for the chance to sculpt a life-sized work of art… the way it should be done – not the builder’s way or the architect’s way, but your way.

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work

For over 20 years, Riordan Signature Homes has crafted exquisite homes that are a haven from the pressures of everyday life.

Outside you will find distinctive charm and artistic presence.

Inside you will find a soothing blend of flow, purpose and aesthetics.

Owning a Riordan Signature Home is an experience second to none. The design and custom features of your home are your choice. Building your home perfectly is Riordan Signature Homes’ true signature, our Signature of Excellence.

Create your own Signature Home

Riordan Signature Homes design and build luxury custom homes in Chicagoland.

We work with people who value the highest quality, and want to create a beautiful, premium home. We would be delighted to discuss your vision for your home with you.

Call us directly: (708) 783-1133

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Riordan Signature Homes


Riordan Signature Homes

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