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Vidal is the co-founder of Rug Art International and with diverse business experience he is a leading authority in custom luxurious hand-made rugs and carpets. Born in Turkey, Vidal Sasson is an entrepreneur who follows through on his own and is a solid proof that hard work and vision pays off. With a passion to business Vidal’s entry into the rugs and carpets industry was no surprised. After years working for others Vidal found himself unemployed, his boss filed bankruptcy and left the country over night. Within a week Vidal and wife Sigal, newly married couple, packed a suitcase and found themselves on the other side of the globe, in the United States. Known for his ambition and determination Vidal wasted no time and opened his retail shop in west village ny, where he worked together with his wife offering an eclectic mix of home furnishings and antique rugs and carpets imported from Turkey. Vidal continued to explore other creative outlets that included launching a wholesale line of hand-made furniture designed by wife Sigal and imported from Indonesia and Mexico while promoting their products in various trade shows in North America. With a strong background in retail and wholesale operations, Vidal has developed a deep understanding of the unique process of bespoke rugs and together with Sigal they planned and started what became a leading and award-winning rug design company – RUG ART INTERNATIONAL – makers of fine custom rugs and carpets.

RUG ART is a proud supporter of GoodWeave.

Sigal is the co-founder of Rug Art International, designer, artist,  home decor stylist. A leading authority in designing custom hand-made rugs and carpets for residential and commercial use, Sigal was born to a very creative family that possesses strong Moroccan roots. She  is a self-taught multi-faceted designer and artist who found herself challenged to explore her growing artistic hunger. Motivated with high discipline and curiosity Sigal trained herself in the art of Trompe-l’oeil, various Venetian Plaster applications and interior decorating; “…a self learning process that enabled me to brake the rules and come up with ideas of my own” she says. To refine her artistic eye Sigal enrolled herself in Scientific and Botanical Illustration studies at the NYBG, as well as Morphology course (plant science). Sigal is an avid life-long learner. Sigal Sasson is the visionary and head designer behind RUG ART. Exceptional craftsmanship and recognize world-wide, her rug designs are reflected through her fearless and creative approach that is heavily rely on her choices of color, texture and pattern. Guided by her own instincts her designs come out of a passion beyond inspirations. All this is evident in her work as well as her beautiful close-up photography she take herself, showcasing RUG ART collections. Along with business partner/husband Vidal, they turned RUG ART into one of the premier to the trade rug companies. In her community Sigal voluntarily teaches art at local schools where she shares her passion and is a member of “10×10 EDUCATE GIRLS”. Her mantra: “We need to passionately believe in the power of ideas and use them to change lives including ours.”

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