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Over 100 people play a part in making Scenic Landscaping into the landscape company that it is today. From our talented landscape designers, dedicated project managers, and passionate crews, everyone plays a role in maintaining Scenic’s high standards. Our staff works hard to ensure that every job is given the attention it deserves and each client’s unique vision is accounted for. Scenic Landscaping consists of highly qualified and informative people who are committed to sharing their knowledge and who keep up with new industry developments year after year. We work with all of our clients to carefully plan every landscape to not only match each individual lifestyle, but to also thrive and beautify each surrounding.

Unlike most contractors and landscaping companies in NJ, Scenic Landscaping, LLC is a landscape company that doesn’t bend to the whims of nature. We stand strongly behind a promise of unsurpassed quality, unmatched service, and an attention to detail found nowhere else. We make a promise of professionalism that many strive for, but few are able to achieve. Scenic Landscaping is a company that knows the ins and outs of the industry, and has the ability to grow and mature year after year.  Not only is Scenic a well respected residential landscaping company,but today Scenic Landscaping is one of the most trusted commercial landscaping companies in NJ as well. We take pride in every project we work on and have a true passion for bringing every project to the next level with creativity and professionalism to our clients.

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Scenic Landscaping


Scenic Landscaping

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