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Standard TV & Appliance was founded by Clement and Hazel Gander in 1947 as Standard Refrigeration. The well-known storefront on SE Woodstock was opened in 1952 with the Gander family living in a small house attached. Since then, the company has grown to over 275 employees with 4 locations (Portland(2), Beaverton and Bend).

Janice H. Reviewed Aug. 2014 Yelp
I had to move a stacked washer/dryer purchased 10 years ago from Standard TV & Appliance to a new home. My movers couldn’t figure out how to get that up the stairs with not more than a quarter inch clearance between railings and wall, and with a narrow landing. Chris and Dan came out from Standard TV & Appliance, and I think must have levitated that heavy and awkward appliance up those stairs. They didn’t even touch a wall. Great guys with some finely honed moving expertise. Much appreciated!

Linda S. Reviewed July. 2014 Google
Yesterday my washer decided to hold my clothes hostage–the door wouldn’t open, no matter what I tried. Sigh….gonna have an expensive repair bill, or replacement. I called Standard TV & Appliance’s service department and got a lovely young woman, Allie. She listened to my exasperated explanation about everything I had tried, and then made two suggestions to try before setting up a service call. They worked, and I was able to get on with my day. THANK YOU ALLIE!

Rex B. Reviewed June. 2014 Google
Great service from sales (went and dragged the fridge I wanted right off the sales floor for next day delivery) and professional, friendly delivery by Darnell and Levi.

Ray T. Reviewed June. 2014 Google
Great sales person. diane Great selection Great delivery guys. Darnell & Garrison thank you-Ray Thompson.

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