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510 Merritt Avenue
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 228-2922

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Since 2004, Textures Nashville has established a solid reputation as the South’s premier supplier of wide-plank hardwood flooring, custom area rugs, and much more. Extraordinary designs, renowned craftsmanship, and a synergistic approach have made Textures the preferred partner of interior designers, architects, and custom home builders. Craft-made, small-batch products allow for complete customization to achieve the perfect flooring solution and create an indelible legacy in clients’ homes and spaces. Their collaborative approach, in addition to their exclusive relationship with mills, ensures confidence the floors will stand the test of time in style and longevity.

In between floor installations in luxury homes and Nashville hot spots such as Greenery Co., The Twelve Thirty Club, or The Russell Hotel, you may find the owner of Textures, Andrew Denny, in the podcast booth within their showroom in the Nashville Design Collective. Couture & Construction is a process-driven podcast that breaks down the luxury side of construction. Andrew Denny hosts and interviews some of the most notable talents in the design and build industry through conversations that aim to inspire, educate and strengthen the industry.

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Textures Nashville


Textures Nashville

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