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Established over 45 years ago in South Florida, Toledo Iron Works has become the most recognized name in the ornamental metals industry.

Toledo Iron Works was founded by Gregorio Suárez, and his son Guillermo Suárez Sr. in South Florida in the late 60’s. Gregorio was originally a Jai-Alai player, whose extensive trips to Europe at the early part of the 20th century opened up a thirst for creativity. Taking advantage of his popularity in Jai-Alai, Gregorio was able to secure apprenticeships in the world of blacksmithing. He continued to learn and master this craft throughout Spain and Italy under the watchful eye of the greatest masters of the time.

Eventually he would pass on his knowledge to his son and together would officially establish Toledo Doors in 1973. Popularity grew immensely with the unique and elegant finishes offered exclusively by Toledo Doors all throughout the 80’s. Toledo Doors soon became Toledo Iron Works with the intention of offering a complete metals solution for new construction projects. Now, nearly twenty years later, under the direction of Guillermo Jr. and his oldest son Bryan-Michael, Toledo Iron Works continues to enjoy success and prosperity by honoring a simple-time tested formula; choosing to build relationships with its customers based on trust, loyalty and reliability, thus experiencing consistent growth while continuing to offer the utmost in quality and service.

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Toledo Iron Works


Toledo Iron Works

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