Vintage Timberworks

<p>For nearly two decades Vintage Timberworks has been supplying recycled, reclaimed wood, seasoned old growth lumber, beams, timbers, rustic mantels, and antique wood flooring reclaimed from the de-construction of antiquated structures in which it has been &ldquo;warehoused&rdquo; for up to two hundred years.<br /> <br /> Our recycled lumber products include Douglas fir, larch, redwood, cedar, eastern hardwood barn beams, barn siding, and reclaimed wood flooring.<br /> <br /> Recycled lumber and reclaimed wood to a large degree, results from original stands of old growth forest. Reclaimed vintage material has unparalleled architectural quality and character, making it perfect for applications in timber frames, exposed trusses, open beam ceilings, exposed headers, trellis work, rustic mantels, reclaimed wood flooring, millwork, and rustic furniture. Old reclaimed lumber is prized by builders for its low moisture content which leads to stability in exposed applications. This reduces the tendency for the wood to shrink and pull apart so common with exposed applications using green lumber. Additionally, most old growth beams and timbers are extremely dense with a high ring count, and will grade with high structural values. Recycled wood is very popular with those of us concerned with the environmental and sustainability issues surrounding logging of the remaining stands of old growth forests. Our reclaimed wood and lumber products help to reduce the pressure to harvest these old growth trees.<br /> <br /> Old Growth Forest Harvest Circa 1900: Antique wood is unrivaled in terms of the beauty of its patina. This is due to the natural aging process. As the wood dries and ages, the oxidation occurring on the surface creates the patina which is difficult to artificially recreate on new lumber. If the reclaimed wood was located inside the building and not exposed to the elements, it will generally retain its original colors although mellower. If exposed to the elements, the patina will be a shade of gray with the original colors just below the surface. The history of the building in which the reclaimed wood was located can also contribute to its appearance. Reclaimed wood flooring from a warehouse will retain the original scrapes and scratches even after sanding. Reclaimed hand hewn barn beams carry the marks from the adz ax which was use to size the beam originally. We once reclaimed the pier deck boards from a 100 year old fish cannery dock on an island off the north end of Vancouver Island, BC which displayed the gaff marks resulting from years of fishing efforts. Some of this reclaimed lumber went into making our front door.<br /> <br /> Old, used lumber is often valuable from a historical perspective. Reclaimed lumber generally results from the dismantling of structures built around the turn of the last century and, as a consequence, is a reflection of certain regions and industries. While we don&rsquo;t advocate tearing down historical structures, often restoration is not practical and we pride ourselves in preserving the history through the rescue and reuse of the building elements such as recycled beams, reclaimed timber, and reclaimed wood flooring. This is particularly true with barns and cabins. They are typically at the end of life when we reclaim the barn wood. However, the history lives on in our vintage wood products in the form of reclaimed hand hewn barn beams, recycled barn siding, rustic mantels, antique hardware, and reclaimed wood flooring. Imagine the volume of historical lumber lost forever to the landfill prior to the birth of the vintage wood recycling industry. Can your project use some history?<br /> <br /> Old Growth Forest Harvest Circa 2000: Salvaged lumber, recycled beams, and reclaimed timber generally contain varying degrees of character marks which result from previous joinery. These include bolt holes, nail holes, mortises, notches, and the seasoning checks which appear as the material air dries over the years. Our recycled lumber, timber, beam, mantel, and other wood products are available &ldquo;as is&rdquo; with all the original character or can be re-manufactured with a sawn, hand hewn, sanded, or surfaced appearance to your specifications, including products milled free of character marks. The reclaimed wood flooring products are available in a variety of species, sizes, and surface appearances. We take great pride in all of our reclaimed wood products and we work closely with the owner, architect, and builder to tailor the order to your application.<br /> <br /> Our complete line of reclaimed lumber products has been approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and listed under the 100% Recycled Content classification. This makes the verification process much easier when applying for LEED credit (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) as administered by the US Green Building Council (USGBC).</p> 100% RECLAIMED WOOD PRODUCTS INCLUDING: ANTIQUE HAND HEWN HARDWOOD TIMBERS LARGE STRUCTURAL ROUGH CUT DOUGLAS FIR TIMBERS, BEAMS & BOARDS, ALL MATERIALS SOLD BY VINTAGE TIMBERWORKS ARE PROPRIETARY., Building Materials, Cabinetry & Woodwork, California, Custom Furniture, DESIGN CONSULTATION FULL SERVICE SAW MILL & DETAIL CAPABILITIES, ENGINEERED RECLAIMED TEAK FLOORING UNIQUE ANTIQUE TIMBER FIREPLACE MANTLES PRE-FABRICATIONS OF TRUSSES & BOX BEAMS, Fine Furniture, Flooring & Carpet, OLD GROWTH CLEAR REDWOOD TIMBERS & BOARDS ANTIQUE FORGED IRON HARDWARE ANCIENT KAURI SLABS, STRUCTURAL GRADING CERTIFICATIONS GREY WEATHERED AND BROWN BARN BOARD SOLID & ENGINEERED ANTIQUE BARN BOARD FLOORING,