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Zephyr Design & Experience Center has elevated the hood to its rightful place: no longer an afterthought, the hood stands above all, as distinctive in its performance as it is in its beauty.

Since the launch of the first hoods in 1997, Zephyr has remained true to its vision of delivering the unexpected—by deliberately seeking to change the marketplace.

Zephyr was first to recognize the unmet demand for more powerful, professional-grade hoods in the home. And Zephyr answered with the Power Series, high-CFM performers that put air quality concerns to rest with quiet efficiency—and raised the bar with self-cleaning, filter-free technologies never before available.

Having earned a reputation for well constructed, high-powered range hoods, Zephyr set its sight on redefining the industry by focusing on style and design. In 2000, the Europa Collection ushered in a new millennium with a design-forward clarion call to those who could find little inspiration above the range. 

Zephyr later partnered with California’s Fu-Tung Cheng−the kitchen and bath design guru who has inspired millions with his books and ideas−and Ammunition Group’s Robert Brunner, whose passion for geometry and the interaction between a product and its owner led to the design of the Arc Collection. 

The company has taken its vision even higher, launching new technology and products and creating collections that are truly unlike any other.

“As a Design Professional, I am driven by the philosophy that thoughtful, practical and architecturally driven design improves lives.  It is important to me that the elements I specify are functional and aesthetically appropriate.  Zephyr hoods exceed expectations on both counts whether the design calls for an inconspicuous hood that quietly supports the design or a hood that is the focal point of the space. These hoods deliver beautiful functionality supported by a customer service team that is knowledgeable and timely with technical information.  I am confident my clients are getting the best advice when I specify Zephyr.”


DesignCamp, RLLP

Denver, NC  

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Zephyr Design & Experience Center


Zephyr Design & Experience Center

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