This On-The-Go Florist Offers Eclectic Artistic Arrangements


On The Go Florist Offers Eclectic Artistic Arrangements

Behind The Bloom: Rosemary Stafford

Called a “botanical innovator” by her clients, Rosemary Stafford is an itinerant florist in the Pacific Northwest who creates lush living art on every scale, from modest wedding bouquets to a massive eucalyptus chandelier hovering above a grand piano.

How did you begin? In college I happened upon a floral job, where I learned early to trust in my own aesthetic. I also worked in floral while living in Australia, which gave me access to new native textures, thus beginning my love for instinctive, traveling design.

On botanical innovation: I start where my eye naturally falls, in a space that cries out for an influx of something wild. Bold statements are everything. Of course, it’s preferable if there is infrastructure in place to support my kooky dreams.

Eye-catching trends: This past year we’ve seen bold tropical colors, sprayed metallic or pastel elements, and the previously poo-pooed carnations, mums and other ‘cheap’ flowers make a major resurgence. Anything can be cool again if there is total commitment from the designer.

Global impact: Common practice has been to ship flowers nationally and internationally, and the carbon footprint of our oral addiction is major. As a farmer, forager and traveler, I dream of working with Richard Branson. He is dedicated to environmental policy and encourages people to deal with what’s local.

Tricks of the trade: Hot water for any vase arrangement is key. It seems wrong, but you’ll be surprised.