Rudie Lee Offers A Fresh Option For Wall Art—And Just Screams Miami



With family roots in a longtime Miami fine art print shop, Kristine Chien set out to rock the print industry with her own bold brands. Among them: Rudie Lee, a modern yet playful collection of home essentials targeted at millennials. Luxe got the backstory on Chien’s journey.

Why did you start Rudie Lee? I worked at my family’s multigenerational print shop every summer since I was 15. Many interior designers and decor enthusiasts would visit our shop looking for something ready to hang. They loved our innovative materials and craftsmanship but didn’t have a file on hand to produce. As a multidisciplinary designer, I launched a unique collection of ready-to-hang art that took advantage of the latest technologies. Now we’ve evolved with in-house artists and professional craftsmen who conceptualize and make every product that’s delivered to your door.

Describe the creative vision. Our designs are built on color, novel materials and the unexpected. The rich colors and textures of Miami course through our veins, and we use everything from watercolor to glitter, photography, metal, wood and acrylic.

How can these pieces transform a space? Every piece is guided by the power of exciting design. For example, our surfboards or balloon dogs are playful yet elegant pieces that are different from what you’ll find at most big-box retailers. This year, we are also adding designs that blend art and purpose, such as high-gloss surfboard growth charts for children that also serve as art piece, functional item and keepsake.