Rugs With Healing Properties Give Your Floors New Life


If your floors could use a spiritual awakening, ground them with a new rug from Miami brand Art + Loom and Hinojosa Design Studio. The duo has collaborated on four hand-knotted designs stirred by natural elements and Japanese minimalism, each paired with corresponding healing crystals and an associated zodiac sign, which are presented to the client. “We wanted to bring design back to the power of creating a meaningful environment with a higher power than just a color palette,” says Art + Loom founder Samantha Gallacher, of partnering with interior designer Sabrina Maclean, who’s known for incorporating spiritual elements into her projects. Designs include the Sako, resembling an abstract Zen garden made of sand and paired with clear quartz, and the Kami, inspired by translucent rice papers and paired with a green malachite stone.