Discover The Dallas Artist Behind These One-Of-A-Kind Wood Mosaics


Ryan Renner leans against a floor-to-ceiling wood mosaic with her arms and ankles crossed

Meet Artist And Photographer Ryan Renner


Thinking outside the box is Ryan Renner of Birch + Bloom’s forte. An artist her whole life and a photographer to boot, Renner is now reimagining wood mosaics from her Dallas-area workshop—and she’s not afraid to dive in and get her hands dirty. “Each one of my patterns and designs is unique,” she says, “and I often incorporate other mediums to create fun and interesting pieces of art.”

Wood mosaic with a dark wood and blue color scheme

Breathing New Life Into Local Wood


Working with a miter saw and brad nailer, Renner breathes new life into reclaimed local wood—fence posts, barn remnants, driftwood, old trim and crown molding—while adding paints and stains for interest. She also integrates natural materials like preserved moss, river rock, fiber art, leather and copper. When combined, these elements form mesmerizing geometric wooden wall art pieces with complex mosaic designs. The best part: Renner collaborates with clients on custom sizes, designs and color palettes.

“My creativity starts with a simple thought and flows through my soul,” she says. “My hands do the work. Paint and stain are always on them. It’s a badge of honor for me. It shows what I do, who I am, and my hard work—things I never take for granted.”