Explore Geological Formations In These Nature-Inspired Collections


Black-, tan- and cream-colored circular-shaped rug hangs on blank wall above brick-lined floor

Black-, tan- and cream-colored circular-shaped rug from Samantha Gallacher’s collection.

Room with sculptural rugs by Samantha Gallacher and furniture pieces made from marble and wood

Handwoven sculptural rugs from Samantha Gallacher's collection and sculptural furnishings from Bea Pernia's collection.

Miami creatives, Art + Loom founder, Samantha Gallacher, and interior designer Bea Pernia, have combined their design superpowers to produce new collections for “The Art of Formation.” This joint installation, which appeared at Milan Design Week, explores the fascinating phenomenon of geological formations. Gallacher, who’s always been influenced by natural forms, designed four new handwoven rugs inspired by tectonic plate shifts, rock formations and shattered slate; while Pernia added two new sculptural furniture pieces made from marble and wood to her award-winning Atus collection.

“The Art + Loom rugs serve as a unifying foundation that ties together different furniture pieces and adds a sense of cohesion,” Pernia says. “Meanwhile, the Atus collection elevates the visual interest of the space, adding depth and intrigue. Together, these elements create a harmonious balance that demonstrates the endless possibilities of design.” The collections are available online or at the designers’ individual showrooms. Both of whom have recently opened new locations in the Miami Design District.