2 San Fran Curators Weigh In On Art Inclusivity


Kimberly Verde (at left) and Danielle Smith share their insights on the San Francisco art scene.


“Oftentimes in the art world, artists are represented by a gallery and make work based on what that gallery can sell. We opened State to show the work of contemporary Bay Area artists who are looking for a project space to push their artistic practice forward. Our gallery exists in opposition to the fast pace of today’s art world and, instead, offers artists a chance to create a show unbound by market-based constraints.”

DANIELLE SMITH, statespacesf.com

“We wanted to use our gallery experience to support local artists. At State, we provide the public, not just collectors or art world insiders, with a place to look at what contemporary artists are creating in their city. In the gallery world, there used to be this elusive notion of the back room, where artwork from past shows or new and special acquisitions were stored and only ever open to elite collectors and VIPs. Our back room is just that, except it’s open for anyone to see.”

KIMBERLY VERDE, statespacesf.com