Take A Peek At This Sibling-Run Brand’s Eclectic Craft Approach


Brothers Enis and Amir Karavil of interdisciplinary design brand Sanayi313

round-edge stools in maple and oak wood by Sanayi313

Brothers Enis and Amir Karavil helm the interdisciplinary design brand Sanayi313 in Istanbul, where they have their hands in a number of exciting initiatives: a retail store, design studio, canteen, bi-annual magazine, atelier for unique projects and a newly launched furniture line that promotes their mantra, “move forward to the future with respect to the past.”

Why is it important to champion craft today? I prefer working with local craftsmen because what they create is always unique, and in the era of non-stop production this is a differentiator. That human touch is essential because it gives a soul and special language to the work.

Talk to us about your new furniture pieces. The Oblong Collection consists of solid maple burl and burned oak wood designs defined by massive, bulky forms and rounded corners, which echoes our “maximalist expressions in minimalist details” approach. Comprising stools, consoles, low coffee tables, side tables, and a dining table, the collection is made by hand in Istanbul, adhering to the city’s artisanal traditions where woodworking dates back thousands of years.

It must be inspiring to be surrounded by so much history. Turkey’s location is at the crossroads of East and West, the vast lands once dominated by the Ottomans and home to many different civilizations with a rich legacy of craft since ancient times. These age-old traditions and techniques are still being practiced and lauded in many areas, but I believe new ideas come from studying the past. The solutions are there, you just need to reinvent them to create something inspiring.


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