Scroll This Feed For Eclectic Interiors (With A Cute Animal Or Two)


Portrait of designer Sarah Montgomery by a bookshelf.

Dog sitting on a green armchair in a living room with gray walls.

Dining area with white table, green and black chairs and a tropical-print wallcovering.

Bedroom with a black-and-white-patterned wallcovering, pendant lighting and neutral stripped bedding.

POST MASTER: @sarahmontgomerydesign

WHO: South Bend-native-turned-Chicagoan Sarah Montgomery approaches design with the imagination of a maker. Her background in designing high-end bedding exposed her to the most beautiful fabrics around the world and developed her eye for color, pattern and texture in unexpected combinations.

WHAT: Having founded her eponymous design studio in fall 2017, she works with clients from Hyde Park to the North Shore to create layered, lived-in spaces with an eclectic feel.

WHY: Experiences make life rich in meaning, says Montgomery—that’s why she’s passionate about working with adventurous clients to create spaces reflecting their varied interests and backgrounds. The “thrill of the hunt” for unique pieces keeps her excited about her work.

IN HER WORDS: I’m an advocate for supporting local and independent artists and customizing pieces just for my clients. Instagram is a powerful marketing tool, but I like to approach it by also sharing things I’d want to see—artists I admire, humor and occasionally a cute animal—all in a cohesive color palette, of course!”