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Hand-painted wedding invitation

Hand-painted map of Key West

Studio space with art on walls, paint and brushes

Hand-lettered envelope

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WHO: Graphic designer Olivia Craig, whose artistic hand has helped her launch her own custom stationery company, Trout Designs (named for her first dachshund, Trout).

WHAT: From her 1950s Sarasota house, Craig specializes in creating custom invitation suites and signage for weddings and other celebrations. Once she has worked with a client to determine the look they want, she hand-paints and then digitizes the invitations before printing them locally.

WHY: With a background in architecture, Craig has a trained eye for detail. Graphic design had always been of interest to her, and so she decided to use her talents to design her own wedding invitations. She was soon asked to design invitations for family, friends, and friends of friends, until she realized she could start her own company.

IN HER WORDS: “I used to stress about focusing on one specific style to create a better brand identity, but now I just try to design in a way that makes me and my clients happy. Through this, and reflecting on past work, I have discovered I gravitate toward regional elements that remind me of Florida, whether that be wildlife, pops of color or natural elements.”