Visit This Tucson Shop For A Mix Of Fashion And Furnishings


Savior boutique with black chair, glass side table, red lamp, floor light and black-and-white prints

Black and pink candles from Savior made to look like Greek statues

Savior, Tucson’s latest concept shop in MSA Annex, is a godsend for lovers of all aspects of design. The three co-owners, Tes Hash, Erica Clum and Sydney Ballesteros, come from different backgrounds and the result is a fusion of their talents: Hash brings her eye for vintage furniture and design, Clum her custom jewelry, and Ballesteros curates fashion and exclusive pieces from Mexico. The result is an aesthetic experience as customized to the visitor as the definition of “savior.”

How is Savior different from anything else in Tucson? Tes Hash: Our styles brought together in this store have really created something fresh and new in the local retail market.

Best part about working together? Sydney Ballesteros: Owning a shop is a huge commitment of time, creative energy and responsibilities. At the end of the day, it’s really nice to share those things with a group of dedicated and visionary partners, especially because we all juggle many other endeavors and projects.

What are you most excited about for Savior? T.H.: Opening this shop together was a big risk. But now that we have proven to ourselves that Tucson wants this and will support it, I’m excited for us to bring in more specialty products and rare, sought-after vintage pieces.