The Scoop On An East Hampton Outdoor Showroom


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This summer, Linda Silich and her managing partners at Groundworks Landscaping in East Hampton have opened a new outdoor design “showroom,” displaying a multitude of garden options. We sat down with her to learn more about the locale.

What does the new space offer?

People can come and see samples of just about everything on our 2 acres. If clients want to create a butterfly garden, for instance, we can show them what to plant and how it will look.

How do you help determine the best garden for a client?

We ask them to envision standing alone or with a group of people. Do they see a lot of color? Do they want scents like lavender or roses? Have they traveled someplace where the landscape really moved them?

Groundworks added retail when you relocated to the former Hren Garden Center space five years ago; now you’re stepping away from that. Why?

We’ve always been a design, installation and build company. But when we moved into Hren, which had been a garden center since 1939, we ran with that idea. This year we are getting back to our design and installation business. We realized the design is what need to focus on–this is what we’re really good at.