Explore Creativity At This Concept Space In Scottsdale


Showroom space with large black-and-gold artwork overlooking a black dining table.

Photo: Paul Moore

If there’s one takeaway from the new Townhouse concept space in the Scottsdale Design District, it’s that design is collaborative.

“Design and art really do happen together,” explains Eddy Doumas, principal of Worth Interiors, founder of Town and now cofounder of Townhouse. “It’s all one package.”

Doumas found a like mind in art adviser Sarah Roy, and the pair teamed up with other cultural powerhouses to create Townhouse, a space that explores creativity in all its forms and is open to the public.

“It was time to start allowing anyone who shares this creative vision to come ask questions, see why certain artists were paired with certain designers and start learning,” Roy explains.

Go for inspiration, a particular purchase or a happy hour. Each time you’re bound to see something new.