It’s No Surprise These Abstract Wood Works Caught Burberry’s Eye


Sculptor Casey McCafferty in his studio surrounded by his work

Sculptor Casey McCafferty’s artistic journey started in an unlikely place: working in a finance job after college. He soon quit the bank and started making custom furnishings his full-time gig. After a stint in Los Angeles, McCafferty has returned to New Jersey, where he crafts striking wood pieces in bold, armophous shapes. The artist, who’s been tapped by Burberry for an exciting commission, sat down with Luxe to reflect on his practice’s evolution and his creative process.

How has your career developed in recent years?I moved to L.A. for a while, working with designers and making pieces for celebrity clients. After six years, I had a staff and was a business owner, but I was still making funky items on the side. One day, a designer walked in and asked me about one of those and a light bulb went off: People will pay for original ideas.

Tell us about your process. I like to create out of a bunch of different materials, like stone and laminated wood. I also work with tree services, so when they cut down a nice piece of timber, I can dry it and use it.

What’s your inspiration? My technique is direct carving. I don’t use templates or measurements. I have the material in front of me and just start creating. Sometimes, I’ll do a detail on a sculpture, and then in the next couple of pieces you’ll see it in a grander form. I don’t differentiate my body of work—it just evolves.

What’s in the works with Burberry? I was commissioned to create five or six pieces for their Madison Avenue store; that eventually turned into doing pieces for dozens of their locations. It’s a crazy amount of work for a three-person shop! I carve every piece, but have help with the sanding and finishing. We should be done in early 2024, and then we’ll see what’s next. 

Wood sculptures by Casey McCafferty surrounded by colorful abstract murals on his studio's walls