Meet The Seattle Designer Creating Ceramics Radiating Good Energy


Ceramicist Evgeniya Plotnikova sitting on a wood chair with her pink, yellow, black and blue vases

For designer Evgeniya Plotnikova, ceramics has always been an extracurricular activity. Born and raised in Siberia, Plotnikova came to the U.S. to study architecture and is now a practicing architect in Seattle. She began working with clay in 2019 as a creative outlet while living in New York, and eventually began her own studio, EVG.Works. Today, Plotnikova works in a mix of media, but her interest in testing the boundaries between function and objet d’art remains.

What initially drew you to ceramics? I started working with clay as a meditative, stress-relief activity, but I became fascinated with the material itself. On some level, it helped me rediscover a sense of childhood joy and simple play, and it became a medium of self-expression.

How does your work as an architect inform your artistic practice? My brain works naturally in 3D as an architect. I’m fascinated with form, and I’m also a minimalist who likes bold gestures and color. My architectural background helps me bring a discipline to my art practice, and in return, my art practice helps me approach design from a place of lightness and freedom.

Tell us about your sculptural vases. Some of my most interesting designs originated from “mistakes.” With the open-closed vases, the original plan was to alter the shape of a cylinder by creating a pin tuck, but it resulted in a crack in the middle. I cut out the crack to prevent it from growing, but accidentally cut a much larger shape that exposed the vase’s interior. It resulted in an unusual and sculptural form, and I realized it offered new possibilities for displaying flowers.

What keeps you coming back to the studio? Clay put me on the path of discovering myself as an artist and as a woman. I love that my not-your-typical vase designs invite people to play around and make interesting flower compositions. Ultimately, my studio practice is about enjoying the process and radiating good energy.