Now In Seattle, This Creative Aims To Tell Local Stories Through Art


Artist Marela Zacarias painting

The Pacific Northwest has become a home away from home for Mexican-born, Brooklyn-based artist Marela Zacarías. “Because I love research and discovery, I often encounter places that weren’t on my radar,” she says. “I wasn’t looking for Seattle, but it found me.”

Originally brought to the Northwest in 2018 by the Port of Seattle to create a massive new five-part sculptural installation at SeaTac’s International Terminal, Zacarías has since returned for other projects, including a residency at MadArt Studio. “There, I focused on mural painting—it was exciting to meet myself again on the canvas after 10 years of painting on sculptures,” she says.

Whatever the medium, Zacarías’ interests in evocative color combinations and place-based storytelling shine through. “No matter where I am, I’m always searching for the stories that have been overlooked or obscured,” she says. “It’s important to integrate the past if we’re going to move into a future where everyone is part of the conversation.”

Sculptural painting by artist Marela Zacarias