Channel A Sense Of Calm At This California Wellness Resort


Sensei Porcupine Creek zen guest room


A sense of calm and Japanese Zen penetrates the light-filled 22-room and -villa Sensei Porcupine Creek in Rancho Mirage, California

A sister property to Lawrence Ellison and Dr. David Agus’ Sensei Lanai in Hawaii, the newest location promises guests a similarly bespoke journey toward living healthier, longer lives.

Ellison oversaw all design details as a 230-acre private estate in the Santa Rosa Mountain foothills was converted into the ultimate wellness destination offering patrons three pathways to follow: Move, Nourish and Rest.

The sunny and lush property—complete with gardens, a lagoon pool, golf fairways and hiking trails—is as much a part of the recipe for well-being as the Sensei Guide-led practices and treatments (think Abhyanga four-handed massage), plus five-star cuisine at Sensei by Nobu.

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