Discover How These SF Design Pros Are Prioritizing Sustainability


Next In Design honorees Maria Wu and Candice Truempert-Lee reveal the sustainability practices they implement at their San Francisco design firms.

Maria Wu Keeps Low-Waste Practices Top Of Mind


Portrait shot of designer Maria Wu set against a window and bookshelves

Principal of Studio Wu and a LUXE Next In Design 99 honoree, Maria Wu shares how she keeps low-waste practices top of mind while crafting her pragmatic yet playful interiors.

MW: We set personal challenges like sourcing at least 50% used or vintage furnishings, or triple checking overage quantities before ordering to minimize waste. We are also members of the Good Future Design Alliance, which provides amazing resources as well as a great forum for brainstorming with other designers on how we can all do more to prioritize sustainability in our industry. 

Candice Truempert-Lee Uses Natural Materials For Edgy Interiors


Portrait shot of Candice Truempert-Lee sitting in front of beige sofa

At DesignCandy Interiors, LUXE Next In Design 99 talent Candice Truempert-Lee creates edgy, colorful spaces all while prioritizing natural, nontoxic materials.

CTL: We love reading up on the latest innovations regarding textiles, from grass cloths and cork to recycled fabrics using water bottles and Piñatex, a sustainable alternative to leather made from pineapple leaf fibers. Our favorite natural and sustainable materials are family friendly and forgiving. We also inform clients about the aftercare of their new interiors; from safe products to use for their sinks to nontoxic cleaning options for their stair runner. This dedication to sustainable practices extends beyond our choices in furnishings and materials, encompassing the entire design process.


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