Let A 128-Year-Old Linen Brand Inspire A Fall Redo



Sure, September marks the beginning of fall fashion buzz and back-to-school excitement, but it also marks the beginning of nesting season, fall TV launches, and cooler weather–the perfect trifecta of factors to inspire giving your bed a little zhoozh.

Following its first international concept opening in the famed Harrods London department store, fine linens brand Sferra launched its fall/winter bedding collection.

Known for tailor-like quality bedding, the makers of the first 1,020-thread count linens draw tonal inspiration from nature’s elements for several distinct options that appeal to different aesthetics: Borsetto bares a minimalist tartan motif for a slight masculine touch, while Idetta‘s white, crisp, appearance finds a likeness to microscopic facets of a single water crystal.

Missio, on the other hand, plays off the Moorish tilework of Bergamo, a historic city in northern Italy. Brimming with color and pattern, Sastina offers a lush foliage print of frangipani and crinum, while Nalia‘s muted blue floral pattern embraces a cascading ombre effect.

Take a peek at some of the images from the latest collection by the Italian luxury brand, launched in 1891: