Meet An Innovative Artist Who Creates Music-Driven Performance Work


Portrait of Shantell Martin sitting in front of a mural of her art

Artworks by Shantell Martin in her studio space, some hanging on the wall and other on the floor

British artist and philosopher Shantell Martin may call New Jersey home, but her new Los Angeles studio is having a profound effect on her work. After a furniture collection with Hoek and candles with Joya, she is creating music-driven performance work while readying myriad design launches.

What are you liking about L.A.? It’s a bright, open and playful city. I feel more relaxed here and it’s taken me in new directions, like working with sound. In my new performances, I invite guests, do an introduction and create a landscape of music with words from the audience—a spoken piece. 

Yours is an especially collaborative studio. Yes, my work can be solitary, but with collaborations I get to show up, and that’s exciting. The point of being an artist is to make things and share them. Design is a nice way to bring art into people’s homes, too. 

What’s ahead? A font named Shantell Sans. I’m dyslexic and reading and writing were hard, but I remember the typefaces that were more friendly. I’ve created one from my handwriting which will be free via Google Fonts. I’m also self-producing a line of mirrors that will be available on my online store, and later in the year will come blankets and towels for Rumpl.