Why Simplicity—With A Pop Of Color—Is Key For Denver Creative Jamie Nusser


Cozy living room design

As homeowners have rediscovered the importance of well-designed living spaces this year, they’ve been turning to the decorating experts for help creating rooms that feel good without making too much of a fuss—which is why  Jamie Nusser has been so busy. The Denver-based founder of J Designs, Inc. has made her mark by creating modern interiors softened by just the right mix of subtle, special details, from fine antiques to timeworn textiles. Here, she shares with Luxe what drives those designs.

What role does simplicity play in your designs? I love creating a canvas for people to live life in, and for me that looks like a simpler, more neutral palette with the occasional funky wallpaper thrown in. Starting with this base of simplicity allows my clients and me to build a design that fits their specific needs.

That explains your affinity for white spaces. I do have a love affair with white spaces, and I will usually paint an entire house the same white shade to create that great backdrop against which I can layer different textures to create a calm, cohesive space. For example, I have been loving dramatic lighting fixtures that act as sculptural elements, and I have also been focusing on furniture that incorporates textiles and woven elements that add dimension to a room.

What sparks your creativity when combining decor elements? The interesting ideas coming and going in the fashion world often inform my approach. I love clothing and textile design and find that it’s a nice way to get me thinking outside the box. Locally, a trip to the Denver Botanic Gardens always sparks my creativity—the colors and textures always seem to show me new combinations I can use.