How The Leading Online Gallery Is Making Art Accessible For All


Buying and collecting art has always been intimidating, especially for the masses. Likewise, the galleries that often display these prized works share a similar reputation for being out of reach. But, in truth, artists need accessibility to their audience and the market, and collectors need accessibility to their art. Thanks to SINGULART, the walls have come down, literally and figuratively, providing a digital platform for artists to gain global visibility and collectors from all walks of like to curate their lives with art.

room with white chair, plants, yellow wall with abstract black-and-white artworks

Les Lignes Musicales by Hildegarde Handsaeme. Photo: Courtesy SINGULART.

In The International Spotlight

Véra Kempf, Denis Fayolle and Brice Lecompte founded SINGULART in 2017 with the mission to empower artists and transform the art market. Six years later, with more than 10,000 artists, 165 represented nationalities, nearly two million visitors per month, and over 9,000 art and design collectors, the leading online gallery is moving the world with creativity, one masterpiece at a time.

“We saw an opportunity in the art market because many artists are not digitally established and traditional players are rather reluctant in that respect,” Kempf says. “In addition, the art market is highly fragmented and organized by country. Thanks to a digital solution, we created the possibility of providing global visibility for artists that they might not have with traditional galleries.”

colorful abstract artwork above tan cabinet with lamp and plants

Réconciliation by Maurice Tchinda. Photo: Courtesy SINGULART.

Art Accessible For All

Bringing together the largest community of contemporary art and design enthusiasts, and collectors, SINGULART feeds its audience with an ongoing and extensive collection of original art and paintings, as well as photography, sculpture, drawings, prints, works on paper, textile, digital art and other forms of mixed media. Each week, the online gallery also delivers fresh content, including curated themed collections, interviews with artists, and the latest market news and upcoming digital events.

black gallery wall with abstract art of woman, geometric chair, cylindrical lighting and white rug

Grace by Bernard Simunivoc. Photo: Courtesy SINGULART.

The Human Touch

Although digitalization plays a major role on the operation side of SINGULART, human connection is valued most. With more than 120 international members that speak over 25 languages, its team seeks to enable art lovers and empower artists around the world. To help make online art buying and curating a seamless experience, SINGULART’s free Art Advisors are also on hand to assist: first, gathering intel about your tastes and needs, then scouring the site’s vast collection of over 200,000-plus original artworks, and lastly, presenting their hand-picked selections. Once you’ve chosen your piece(s), SINGULART ships everything safely and globally, with free returns within 14 days.

room with bird painting, white couch and black side table

Paix pour l’Ukraine by Partick Briere. Photo: Courtesy SINGULART.

Whether art for an interior design, as an investment or just because, SINGULART nurtures contemporary creators looking to share their vision of beauty, open minds and bring people together. Start curating your life today at