Experience Art At Home Before You Buy It At This Chicago Gallery


Springboard Arts showroom in Chicago


New to Wicker Park, Springboard Arts is a design-forward way for guests to experience how art will look in their own homes. Conceived as its own blank canvas, the new gallery is equipped with a whitewashed wall and LED projector, enabling you to change the wall color to match your home while you try out various pieces in your virtual space.

You can also utilize a similar tool from home, uploading an image of any room and virtually placing artwork inside. “Art has the incredible power to bring light to people’s lives during the darkest times,” shares Donna Van Eekeren, president and CEO of Springboard Arts.

“As we [move beyond] an incredibly challenging year, our goal remains to uplift those in our community and beyond. Our hope with unveiling the gallery in the midst of a pandemic is to offer light to those in need and help to fill homes with cultured and storied beauty.”