Step Inside This Dazzling Green Marble Bathroom


green bathroom

green sink

Fortune favors the bold, or so they say, but nothing could be more true for today’s top designers who are transforming bathrooms into jewel-box spaces with striking, statement-making elements. Whether a grand main bath with double sinks or a charming powder room, both functionality and high design are equally important. From graphic and colorful stone to decorative wallcoverings and finishing touches, the drama is here to stay.

Designer Noa Santos discusses a sophisticated New York City bath that all started with the stone.

Is this a main bath? It’s a powder room but can also function as a full bath. These spaces are unique because they’re one of the only areas in a home that nearly everyone, including guests, experiences, but not for a lot of time. This allows for the opportunity to make a really dramatic, special statement without the risk of fatigue.

Like this marble! Talk to us about it. The clients love stone of all types. They wanted something impactful, so the idea was for someone to walk in and feel enveloped by the marble, which is polished Guatemala Verde. It has this glowing effect. Because the stone is so bold, I wanted the other elements to fall in line, both serving a function while still looking beautiful.

What about lighting? Creating equal lighting throughout is really important, especially when the powder room has a directional window. If you don’t light from above and from the sides, very harsh shadows will be cast. We added the sconces and overhead fixture, and also installed brass louvers with caning at the window to bring in a soft light and add visual interest without taking away from the stone.

Why did you choose brass details? Green marble lends itself to a warmer metal, which plays well with the wood flooring. I wanted most of these brass components—the fittings and hardware—to be pretty minimal and recede. The shower without any glass sort of shrinks back and doesn’t detract from the fact that this is an exquisite powder room. Even with the striking components, there is a certain quietness in this space that is really beautiful.