A Brooklyn Plaster Artist Adds Bronze To His Oeuvre



Meet The Maker

Stephen Antonson

Brooklyn artist Stephen Antonson has earned a following for his distinctive plaster works–and now he’s introducing bronze pieces. His Calliope mirror was inspired by artist Anselm Kiefer’s comment that humans are fascinated with the sea because the sea is where we came from. What began as a nautilus-type spiral was flattened out to create the overscale Zeus mirror, which Antonson simplified to make his smaller Calliope mirror . Another new work, his Honore table lamp, was inspired by a Paris visit. As he and his wife passed a hotel, he saw a vase on a table inside. Back at his own hotel, he sketched the vase, then played with its shape to produce a design. “It reminds me of the famous sculpture Rodin did of Honore de Balzac, where Balzac is standing up straight, leaning back,” he says. “And I just thought, yeah, Honore. I like that.”