Behind Still House x Pat Kim’s Organic Sculptural Art


Behind Still House x Pat Kim's Organic Sculptural Objects


Brooklyn-based designer and artist Pat Kim recently unveiled a 10-piece collection of one-of-a-kind sculptural objects, titled Formations, at Still House. While Kim has designed functional pieces for Still House in the past, this time around he proposed creating a line of sculptural art, which is available at the store’s new location at 307 E. 9th St. in New York City.

For this compelling series, Kim explored new processes of working with wood. He used Sumi ink to blacken the pieces made of southern yellow pine, for example, finishing them with oil. “I love the way the ink and oil take differently to the early- and late-growth rings, alternating between matte and satin,” he says. “The forms I created accentuate this striking grain patterning, pushing and pulling the eye in and out of the wood.”

Kim and Still House are a natural match, as they both share an appreciation for singular, timeless objects. “His sculptures have a distinct voice,” says Still House owner Urte Tylaite. “They are playful, but monolithic. I always enjoyed this duality in his work and felt like it was time to bring them back to Still House. How appropriate to celebrate the new location with a show that explores a new category for Still House–art sculptures.”

Behind Still House x Pat Kim's Organic Sculptural Objects